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Rebound - Roots Program Family Dinners

Rebound - Roots Program Family Dinners

Who are we serving?

Families and children who are experiencing, or have experienced, difficult life circumstances as a result of some type of trauma (i.e. physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, generational poverty, cyclical domestic violence, the impact of substance abuse in the home, loss of a close relationship to incarceration or death, and/or homelessness).  These are families who have hit bottom, and are committed to restoring their lives and the lives of their children.

Who is helping connect us to their needs?

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Rebound of Whatcom County’s mission is to connect with, empower, and restore vulnerable children and families in our community.  We do this through education, advocacy, and mentorship.  Families receive all three of these at our Roots Family Enrichment Program, a weekly evening program that occurs at three locations in Whatcom County, including at CTK Bellingham on Tuesdays.  Prior to parents/caregivers attending the Parenting Enrichment Class and children going to the Kid Support Groups, families are served a hot, nutritious dinner, most often provided by small groups from local churches.  For some, this is the only hot meal they get that day.

How are we serving?

This is a simple, practical way the Church can show their support for the hard work these families are doing to rebuild their lives.  There are easier ways to provide a meal before class.  But the real opportunity is to serve them with a smile and hope they wonder why a stranger brought a meal for them and their children.  Your group would plan, purchase, and prepare a simple meal (see ideas below) for 75 people. That evening your group arrives between 5:20-5:45 depending how much final prep is needed. Food is served right at 6pm.  Then return to the kitchen to wash serving dishes, package leftovers in ziplock bags, and clean up.  Groups are usually done by 7:30!  Meals are served in three different locations where the program takes place.

·         Here at CTK in Base Camp on Thursdays

·         In Blaine at Life Impact Church (549 Cherry St) on Wednesdays

In Everson at Nooksack Christ Community Church (109 West 3rd St) on Tuesdays

Main dishes are usually accompanied by bagged salad with ranch dressing, and cookies or brownies.  NOTHING WITH NUTS PLEASE!!!Some popular dinners include, but are not limited to:

sloppy joes
baked potato bar
taco bar

Who do you contact?

Group leaders should contact Yvonne Cartwright at Yvonne@reboundfamilies.org with a couple dates that work for their group. 

If the cost of the meal becomes a barrier for your group, please contact Wendy (wendyp@ctk.church or 733-1337 ext 212) about CTK sharing the cost of the meal with your group. Share your project pics with us by using #CTKserves on social media to inspire other groups to serve!