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Rebound-Gifts for Parents

Rebound - Gifts for Parents

Who are we serving?

Families who have experienced trauma (abuse, neglect, poverty, domestic violence, homelessness)

Who is helping connect us to their needs?

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Rebound of Whatcom County’s mission is to connect with, empower, and restore vulnerable kids and families in our county community.  One of the ways we accomplish this is through our Roots Family Enrichment Program, a side-by-side program serving both parents and kids.  Roots meets quarterly, year-round, one evening each week.  The evening begins with families being served a hot meal (no cost to them), then parents going to their class, and kids going to theirs. Parents learn practical skills on parenting and family building.  Kids learn how to respond with appropriate behaviors, as well as have discussions on stress management, anger management, and skills necessary to cope with the circumstances they may be experiencing.

How are we serving?

Every Christmas we put on the Roots Family Christmas Party – this year on Thursday, December 6th.  This is a very special event – extended family is invited, a catered dinner is served, there are games and art stations for the kids, and most exciting is the Christmas Store!  Donated gifts specific to dads and moms are set out in a room where each kiddo is able to go to and select a gift for their mom, and their dad (or caregiver).  We have wrapping paper and bows, as well as a team of “giftwrappers” who provide the kiddo with a finished “present” that he/she can put under the tree for his parents/caregivers. 

Rebound is looking for gift items to be donated for the Christmas Store.We ask for items that are specific to males/females – in the past those have included candles, bath beads, scarves, socks, books, coffee mugs; for guys, socks, wool hats, coffee mugs, measuring tapes, other tools, etc.Gifts are $10 or less.

Who do you contact?

Shelli Wood, Roots Director – shelli@reboundfamilies.org or 360.510.3383.  We can come and pick up gifts that have been collected on Monday December 3rd, at CTK Bellingham.  If there are questions regarding gifts, please contact Shelli.

If you need help in the process, Wendy at CTK is available (wendyp@ctk.church or 360-733-1337 ext 212) Please share your project with us by using the hashtag #CTKserves on social media!

At CTK, we value authenticity, simplicity, empowerment, relationship, and caring about the community we live in. One key way we serve is by empowering small groups to make a difference through our local partners who address important issues for those in the hardest life circumstances. The opportunity above is a chance to tangibly demonstrate God's care, compassion, and love for those around us. As your church, we hope this makes it easy for you to put the Great Commandment to love your neighbor as yourself into action