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Foodshare Farm - Pick and Picnic

CTK Farm - Pick and Picnic

Who are we serving?

The food grown at the CTK Farm goes to individuals and families in need thru local food organizations. Some examples include the Boys and Girls clubs, Lord’s Table Food distribution in Acme, Ferndale Senior center and local food banks in Blaine and Deming.

Who is helping connect us to their needs?

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The 3 acre CTK Farm has been growing healthy, nutritious vegetables for the community since 2005. The farm is located on the corner of Hannegan and Hemmi Roads and has continued to grow in both by number of volunteer hours and pounds produced. In 2018, the farm was able to grow 75,586 lbs of food for local food organizations and that was done by over 200 volunteers who donated over 5,500 hours to the farm. The farm would not be possible without their dedication and the generous donations made by local business owners and individuals who give through the Blessing offering.

How are we serving?

Take a look at the dates available and choose a date some/most of your group can commit to a 2 hour time slot. This gives you about an hour to Potluck Picnic with your small group (picnic tables and propane grill provided) and another hour to work on the farm.  If 10 people come, that’s 10 hours of help! One of our farm hosts will be there to welcome you, give you a tour, and put you to work! This may include harvesting, planting, or weeding. These jobs require no prior gardening experience and the host will be there to walk you through how to do them. Please dress for being in the dirt and working on the farm. Our farm site has all the tools needed to complete the tasks so there is no need to bring your own tools. We so appreciate the help, especially during our high season months.  It’s often hard to keep up with the harvest and replanting schedule! Kids are welcome as long as parents take responsibility for keeping them focused. Growing plants are fragile so there is not a lot of wide open space for running around.


  1. Select a day and provide the requested information.

  2. Choose the two-hour window that works best for your group (6-8 pm and 6:30-8:30 are popular options).

  3. A Farm Host will contact you the week before your Pick & Picnic to confirm

  4. If you have questions or need to change your date, email Faith.

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot accommodate drop-in groups, so please sign up at least one week in advance.

Please share your project with us by using the hashtag #CTKserves on social media or email a couple pictures of your group in action to faithw@ctk.church!