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Our Conviction

Our Conviction

Our vision for partnerships is to build a name for Christ and deconstruct a stereotype of his church through the financial support, volunteers, and relationship we offer nonprofits who are doing exceptional work here in Whatcom County. In fact, we hope that our presence in the community is a tangible expression of how much God cares about many of the same things that our community does. In relationship and shared work, we want to show others what Christians are for instead of what they are against.

Our vision is also for our church — the people of CTK. We believe that service is integral to discipleship… all followers of Jesus are called to serve the least of these. So we seek to keep Christ’s commands to care for the poor in front of our congregation and create achievable, effective ways they can do that. In fact, we believe that no one can become a fully devoted, mature follower of Christ unless they are serving sacrificially like Jesus did.

Think of it this way: physical health is largely a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. So is spiritual health! Without a healthy diet of prayer and Scripture, we become weak and tired. Without the regular exercise of serving others, we become distracted and lazy. Have you ever thought about why Jesus specifically asks us to serve the poor? We suspect it is because our "coach" knows that spiritual exercise isn’t about what you get back (Luke 14:12-14), but about the challenge that will produce change and take us to the places where God is already working (Psalm 72:11-15).

But don't just take our word for it. Explore what the Bible says about serving others. Click here for just a few of our favorite verses.