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Lydia Place-Playhouse Assembly

Lydia Place-Playhouse Assembly

Who are we serving?

Homeless families in Whatcom County

Who is helping connect us to their needs?

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Lydia Place is working to end family homelessness in Bellingham. We offer housing, case management, and parent support to over 150 families per year! Our vision is a compassionate community where everyone has a home and the opportunity to thrive.

How are we serving?

The children’s play area at Lydia Place’s Bell Tower Studios (1430 N Garden Street in downtown Bellingham) is in need of more play equipment! Volunteers will assemble a small children’s playset so that formerly homeless children will have a fun, safe place to play in their new home.  This is the location where CTK Samaritan’s List built front steps/porch and a fence so this is a natural next step for us in supporting them.

Who do you contact?

Find a day and time that most of your group can make it, maybe even the night you usually meet for group.  Then contact Kyle Fuller, Community Engagement Coordinator at (360)671-7663 ext. 2005 or kylef@lydiaplace.org, to make sure that will work on their end. If you need help in the process, Wendy at CTK is available (wendyp@ctk.church or 733-1337 ext 212. Please share your project with us by using the hashtag #CTKserves on social media!