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Lydia Place-Hanging Baskets

Lydia Place-Hanging Baskets

Who are we serving?

Homeless families in Whatcom County

Who is helping connect us to their needs?

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Lydia Place is working to end family homelessness in Bellingham. We offer housing, case management, and parent support to over 150 families per year! Our vision is a compassionate community where everyone has a home and the opportunity to thrive.

How are we serving?

Bring some cheer to Lydia Place clients with hanging flower baskets! Volunteers will be given 7 empty hanging baskets to plant with flowers and foliage. These baskets will be hung outside the apartments of Lydia Place clients at our Baker Place property.  CTK’s Children’s ministry provided these last year and it made such a difference in the feel as you drove up to these units, making them feel more like homes.

Who do you contact?

Your small group can pool money for plants, choose someone with a green thumb to go make the purchase, and someone else to swing by Lydia Place offices to pick up the baskets.  Then get together for a summer potluck and basket-assembling party.  Then choose someone or a few someone’s to deliver the baskets and connect with a Lydia Place staff person who can tell you a little more about their full range of supportive services that help families break the cycle of homelessness.  Contact Lindsey Vis, the Volunteer Coordinator, at (360)671-7663 ext. 1000 or lindseyv@lydiaplace.org, to schedule the delivery. If you need help in the process, Wendy at CTK is available (wendyp@ctk.church or 733-1337 ext 212. 
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