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Fostering Together - Support Group Dinner

Fostering Together - Support Group Dinner

Who are we serving?

Foster and adoptive families in Whatcom County.

Who is helping connect us to their needs?

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Fostering Together is a large nonprofit that aims to ensure safe, loving foster families are available to meet the diverse needs of abused and neglected youth. They strive to increase the number of foster families across Western Washington, help families with the licensing process, and provide free, ongoing support in a variety of ways to families caring for foster children.

How are we serving?

Foster parents are required to have 36 hours of training every 3 years. The Fostering Together Support Groups meet 8 months out of the year to bring support, resources, comfort, networking and training on how to meet the needs of foster children in our community. We also like to provide a dinner for those attending. Typically, we have between 15-25 adults who attend each group. A dinner to drop off and leave would be wonderful to offer our foster families. It could be something as simple as pizza! The group meets in January, February, March, April, August, September, October at 6pm on the 4th Friday of the month at CTK Bellingham.

Who do you contact?

Have your group pick one or two fourth Fridays that could work and then contact Shala Crow at 360-220-3785 or shala-crow@olivecrest.org to see which date is open. As you plan the meal and delegate who will do what to pull that all together, think about making a double batch of the meal…one to take to the support group and one to share together as a group! You also might include thank you cards for the foster parents acknowledging how much they invest of themselves, their time, their love, effort and energy in caring for the kids in their home.

If you need help in the process, Wendy at CTK is available (wendyp@ctk.church or 360-733-1337 ext 212) Please share your project with us by using the hashtag #CTKserves on social media!

At CTK, we value authenticity, simplicity, empowerment, relationship, and caring about the community we live in. One key way we serve is by empowering small groups to make a difference through our local partners who address important issues for those in the hardest life circumstances. The opportunity below is a chance to tangibly demonstrate God's care, compassion, and love for those around us. As your church, we hope this makes it easy for you to put the Great Commandment to love your neighbor as yourself into action