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Engedi Refuge - Safe House Donations

Engedi Refuge - Safe House Donations

Who are we serving?

Adult women who are suffering from the effects of sexual exploitation as they escape their former life in prostitution

Who is helping connect us to their needs?


Engedi Refuge Ministries is a faith-based, holistic program where women can recover from the devastating effects of sexual exploitation. Engedi exists to provide restoration, hope, and support to those struggling to overcome such things as poverty, addiction, depression, and complex trauma often  association with a life of prostitution and sex trafficking. They do this through safe housing, trauma-informed classes, and a supportive atmosphere of empowerment and dignity.  Engedi’s program is designed to care for each resident physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially as they work toward sustainable independence and sobriety. Engedi is among the most comprehensive and successful recovery programs of its kind in the United States.

The other major component of Engedi is the Learning Center which provides each participant with a variety of programs to comprehensively learn the personal and occupational skills required to help them obtain and maintain employment or return to school. This includes trauma-focused therapy to find healing from all they have experienced. Engedi leads women through three phases. The first focuses on building a foundation of skills to rebuild their lives on. Second, is the educational and vocational phase that addressES job/school, but also goal setting and codependency. The third phase focuses primarily on their spiritual life.

How are we serving?

Provide basic supplies for the women living at the safe house. You can pool money as a group to purchase items or actually collect donations from a broader group (and let people know what the Church is doing about sex trafficking through Engedi as you do). You can find the list of needed items at http://www.engedirefuge.com/engedi_house.html

Who do you contact?

These items can be brought to the Engedi Learning Center @ 7370 Guide Meridian, Lynden Contact information: 360-922-7600 engedi.refuge@gmail.com or www.engedirefuge.com

If you need help in the process, Wendy at CTK is available (wendyp@ctk.church or 360-733-1337 ext 212) Please share your project with us by using the hashtag #CTKserves on social media!

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