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DVSAS - List of Emergency Shelter Supplies

DVSAS - List of Emergency Shelter Supplies

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Emergency Shelter Supply List

Single serve, non-perishable snacks

Granola bar
Goldfish crackers

Trail mix packs

Juice boxes

Diapers in all sizes (especially 3 & 4)

Baby wipes

Infant formula

Gift cards to meet emergency needs

Grocery stores

Retails stores like Target & Fred Meyer

Thrift stores

Pre-paid gas cards





Toothbrushes and toothpaste



Tampons & Maxi Pads

Shelter Welcome Supplies

New stuffed animals

Children’s toys and art supplies

Single bed linens

Single sheet sets

Twin mattress pads

Single-sized blankets/comforters

New pillows

Bath towels

Soft throws or blankets

Non-skid socks for children and adults

Non-breakable dish sets

Children’s cups, plates, and flatware

Pots, pans, and baking sets

Board games, puzzles, magazines, DVD’s