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2019-Blessing update



We want to share with you some of the beautiful work God is doing in our midst through the Blessing so far in 2019, some of which is exciting, some challenging, and all meaningful!

The Farm staff and volunteer leadership team renovated the planting planning process over the winter to ensure we are producing the veggies that are most nutritious, most successful in our climate, and best fit the needs of our 17 food partners!  Early wins of this planning include several experimental crops in the ground and the earliest lettuce harvest we’ve ever had in mid-April. If you’d like to see, new pictures are sprouting up every couple days on the CTK Food Share and Farm Facebook page.

 For the last 9 months, we have been in the prayerful search for a new Blessing Coordinator as Renee Bliss prepared to retire...and God has answered.  Keri Allen comes to us with the perfect combination of personal experience, tested faith, relational skills and spiritual gifting that can balance compassion and discernment.  She is one month into her 3 month intensive training plan and we would appreciate your prayers as she learns this one-of-a-kind job and discovers how God is uniquely inviting her to partner with Him to minister to CTK’ers in crisis.

 So far, we have awarded almost half of our 2019 support dollars to our Community Partners.  Here are just a few of the things those dollars accomplished:

●     sponsored the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic’s Walk for Life

●     made a Foundation Pledge towards Lydia Place’s newest homeless housing apartments

●     purchased much-needed baseball gear for Boys & Girls Club

●     sent three Lighthouse Mission Directors to Genesis Process training on addiction recovery

Now we are working on service projects that will allow each of our CTK ministries (men’s, women’s, small groups, kids, students, Ekklesia) to come alongside a community partner this summer.  Look for more details on those and an ambitious diaper drive coming soon…!

Keep doing good works and sharing your resources, for these are sacrifices that please God.
— Hebrews 13:16